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We know that every child is unique and deserves a unique education. That's why your child will have a certified director, specialist bilingual teachers, and the option of additional classes such as ballet, computer education, and gymnastics. We strive to ensure that your children will be introduced to every aspect of learning in their formative years, so they're prepared for the future.

Personalized curriculum

When your child is enrolled with us, we'll work with you and them to create a developmentally appropriate curriculum that addresses your child's cognitive, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and language skills development. Your children will have a flexible daily schedule and their choice of learning centers, encouraging their independence while still providing dedicated supervision and guidance.


We believe your child's self-esteem is of highest importance, and we'll encourage it using freethinking skills included in our curriculum. Your child will experience a balance of active and quiet times, group and individual activities, and child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Call us today to enroll!

•  Cognitive: nature appreciation, numbers concepts,

    spatial concepts, and conception of time

•  Emotional: encouraging self-awareness, self-care, self-

    responsibility, and more

•  Physical: body awareness, gross motor coordination,

    and fine motor coordination

•  Senses: music appreciation, visual memory, auditory

    memory, and color discrimination

•  Social: cooperative play, communication with adults

    and peers, and more

At Kids Learning Academy, our qualified teachers provide support and encouragement in an atmosphere of courtesy and grace.

Developmental areas

Highly qualified staff


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